To Know About Fluid Quick Couplings 2

To Know About Fluid Quick Couplings 2


A fluid quick coupling is a mechanism that makes a controlled amount of slip between the input and output, between the drive and the buffer, without any mechanical interaction.

Due to this, the fluid couplings give the engineer real benefits in several different forms of power transfer.

These advantages include start-up control, smooth acceleration, overload safety, energy saving, speed control, nearly frictionless clutch, starting from zero engine load and thus reducing engine size, torsional insulation (fuel line quick connector) and long-term stability of the drive, which has no mechanical contact between the power-transmitting element.

It is used in vehicle transmission systems (also known as fuel line quick connector, coolant quick connectors), marine propulsion systems and power transmission industries. It is used as an alternative to electric clutches, or gear couplings.

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